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Mediplux is complete Electronic Health Records and management system developed Tonem Multitech for hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, medical laboratories and any health facility. Mediplux is user friendly and easy to use complete management system that allows users to keep track of everything related to patient’s vitals, diagnosis, prescription, labs, payments and other related issues.

The system is fully web based and can be used micro, small, medium and large health facilities. Mediplux is designed to grow with any size of the facility and also designed to manage all the areas of a facility such as medical, financial, administrative and the corresponding processing of services. It can be installed locally or accessed from the cloud across several branches of the facility. Several users can be created and assigned different roles and even overlapping roles and responsibilities where applicable. Each user can have their own account and will act according to the permissions assigned to them.

Due to the device responsiveness of Mediplux, it can be used on different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices which makes the user experience very smooth and comfortable. In addition to the off-the-shelf modules and features that come with the system, it can be tailored towards the needs of the client.

At Tonem Multitech, we believe that no one system can fit all circumstance for every facility, therefore our support and technical team is always available to work hand in hand with the facility to ensure the best user experience.


Appointment & Scheduling

Administration & Monitoring


Pharmacy & Dispensary

Inventory & Stock

Outpatient Services

Print Receipts/Bills/Reports

Financial & Administrative Reporting

Scheduled Text Message

Synchronize With Paper Based Records

Insurance Services Integration

User Permissions & Privileges

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